Find The Date/Lot Code

Currently, Tested Gluten Free is available only for the line of Riega Cheese Sauce Mixes.  To identify how much gluten is in these products please just follow the simple steps below.

1) Identify the item you purchased.

2) Select this item from the drop down menu “Test Results”.

3) Find the lot code on the package.  The lot code is always on the left hand side of the front display for the cheese sauce mixes (see image below).

4) Match the lot code on the product to the lot code on the corresponding Test Results page.

5) Click the lot code number to see the UNL-FARRP Lab Test Report for that item.

See sample image to find lot code.  The lot code is embossed into the package.

Find the date&lot code

The lot codes all follow the format of best before dating followed by item and cycle/lot number for that day.  This means format is mmddyyPP-#.  In the sample image above this means best before March 7, 2014 production Yellow Cheddar production cycle 2.  The lot code and best before date are used as the key identifier for each lot we produce.